Are you Drying Cows off for Late Summer/Autumn Calving?

August 5, 2020

As many farms are starting to dry cows off for late Summer and Autumn calving it is important to consider the effects of Dry cow rations on future cow performance. Controlling the energy intakes through rationing and feeding to need and not in excess, will lead to higher Dry matter intakes and improved yields after calving.

5 points to consider;

1. A Far off Dry cow only requires about 100 MJ of energy per day. Not easy to limit this if cows are free to graze!

2. Rumen fill is important so feeding a low energy forage such as straw may be required to keep energy intakes under control. This should be presented in a form that the cow will eat and that will avoid sorting.

3. Adding water to a dry cow ration may be required if the diet is to be presented at <45% DM. Especially the case if feeding straw in the ration. Intakes and therefore Rumen fill may be effected if the DM is too high!

4. For the Close up Dry cows, the energy intake level should be increased to approximate 120-130MJ/day.

5. If possible, use ingredients that will be fed in the lactation ration. This will help prepare the Rumen for the huge increase in demand for milk production as soon as calving has occurred.

Davidsons Total Dry Cow Nuts offer high energy and protein levels ideal to provide the cow with all the nutrients she requires in the lead up to calving. A high inclusion of Soya will also promote udder development and improve Colostrum quality.

For more information or guidance feeding your Dry cows, please give our Dairy Tech Team a call on 01501 820473.

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