Davidsons are Helping your Cows Transition Better

June 29, 2017

To determine transition performance, Premier Nutrition, a key supplier of Davidsons Animal Feeds, has devised a monitoring system called Transition Management System (TMS).  It is the only UK on-farm recording service to evaluate cow health and performance throughout the transition period. TMS is a monitoring system which assesses how cows pass through the transition period (30 days pre-calving to 30 days post-calving).

Over the last four years the TMS service is fully supported and managed by Davidsons Animal feeds within our trading area for our established and prospective customers.

By using the TMS data we can clearly see that retained cleansings is now the number one clinical health issue in freshly calved cows, yet the incidence is rarely recorded. By using the TMS programme with Davidsons provides dairy farmers with a comprehensive tool to independently monitor the energy and health status of their cows and to record the incidence of key transition health issues. With these records to hand, our nutritionist and the farmer can identify the main bottlenecks for transition performance at farm level and highlight the areas where attention should be focused.”

Our TMS assessors record body condition, rumen fill, lameness and hock hygiene of all dry and fresh cows and heifers as well as incidences of metabolic disorders associated with transition, such as LDA’s, milk fevers and retained foetal membranes. This data, together with your milk recording data (if available), is entered into the TMS system which combines to generate a TMS score for the month.

The TMS report will show you this score as well as data on metabolic disease risks and incidences to identify areas that need your close attention. The report includes month on month analysis plus a 3, 6 and 12-month rolling average so that you can assess whether management and nutritional changes you make are working positively.

From June this year Premier Nutrition’s new TMS Website, allows up to date access to your reports, all data and individual cow scores are completely at your fingertips, this allows your Davidsons nutritionist and yourself to work together proactively to ensure you are achieving your dry cow and fresh cow objectives.

Through the success of the TMS programme with Davidsons we are now looking to further expand our programme and offer this free of charge facility to all dairies.

If you’re interested in joining the TMS programme and reaping the rewards of support from a management tools that compliments your current practices, then give your local area sales nutritionists a call, or alternatively call our office to arrange a meeting with the nutritionist.

Author: J Cairns


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