Davidsons Ewelac

December 16, 2019

High energy 18% ewe roll containing only quality raw materials. Will maintain ewe condition during pregnancy , for better lamb performance after birth.

Does your ewe feed…

  • Have 18% from quality protein sources? (no urea inclusion)

  • Have a metabolic energy of over 13MJ?

  • Have High Soya inclusion to increase the availability of digestible un-degradable protein to provide milk quantity and quality?

  • Include a high percentage of Sugar Beet Pulp providing the most rumen friendly fibre source?

  • Include Selplex, Yeast enriched selenium for enhanced bioavailability, essential for immunity and key co – factor involved in many metabolic pathways contributing to normal growth and development.

  • Contain Megalac, a highly digestible rumen protected fat source with the highest net energy on the market.

  • Include 250 mcg/kg Vitamin B12, the essential trace mineral cobolt allows for maintenance of a healthy rumen through boosting B12 function for optimum energy metabolism. Deficiences can cause ewes to lose appetite affecting colostrum and milk quality.

  • Contain 151mg/kg of Vitimin E, a fat – soluble vitamin which works as an antioxidant to prevent development of disease through preventing action of free radicals which contribute to the development of disease. This also encourages lambs to get up on their feet quicker and suckle.

  • Have NO oatfeed inclusion?


” Using Davidsons Ewelac Rolls my ewes are always in great condition and have plenty of quality milk for the lambs.”

David Baillie, Calla Farm, Carnwath

Milky ewes, strong lambs and a fantastic delivery service!”

Alan Cowans, Philiphaugh Estate, Selkirk

We have used Ewelac for over 10 years. It keeps the ewes in great condition while producing lively and healthy lambs.”

Doug Mundell, Meigle Farm, Galashiels

Since using Ewelac rolls we have found to have fewer prolapses and the ewes are very milky.

Robert Rennie, Attonburn, Kelso

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