Davidsons Launch their New Levucell Live Yeast Range

June 22, 2020

The Royal Highland Show 2020 would have seen us launch our new Levucell SC Titan range, in partnership with Lallemand Animal Nutrition, but instead, we will be promoting our new yeast this week through our social media platforms!

We will be posting on Facebook, Twitter and our Website to provide you all with more information on this exciting, new product to improve efficiency on your farm.

So, what actually is Levucell SC Titan?


Selected by Lallemand Animal Nutrition, rumen specific live yeast Levucell SC helps increase fibre digestion and stabilises rumen pH – reducing the risk of sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA).

Through improved rumen function and feed efficiency cows can digest and utilise their diet better and, as a result, Levucell SC has been proven to increase milk yield and quality in dairy, and for beef animals, improved growth rate and increased DLWG.

Like many other biological feed additives such as vitamins and enzymes, live yeast is sensitive to external stresses such as heat, moisture, pressure or contact with certain chemicals or trace elements. As a result, protection is essential to ensure stability through the  process and during storage. Levucell SC TITAN is the only live yeast on the market to benefit from a patented method of micro-encapsulation called TITAN.

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