Davidsons Superewe

December 16, 2019

Formulated in conjunction with SRUC using the best forms of protein, starch, sugars and fibre.

Does your ewe feed…

  • Have 20% from quality protein sources? (no urea inclusion)

  • Have a metabolic energy of over 13.25MJ?

  • Have 15% Soya inclusion, providing the highest digestible un-degradable protein to supply quality colostrum and milk quantity to aid lamb viability?

  • Contain high levels of Maize providing rumen friendly by pass startch for optimum absorbption?

  • Include a high percentage of Sugar Beet Pulp providing the most rumen friendly fibre source?

  • Have an inclusion of ScotSoy, a rumen protected soya providing additional digestible un-degradable protein to ensure plentiful quaility colostrum and milk quantity to aid lamb viability?

  • Contain Megalac, a highly digestible rumen protected fat source with the highest net energy on the market?

  • Include Selplex, Yeast enriched selenium for enhanced bioavailability, essential for immunity and key co – factor involved in many metabolic pathways contributing to normal growth and development.

  • Contain 151mg/kg of Vitamin E, a fat – soluble vitamin which works as an antioxidant to prevent development of disease through preventing action of free radicals which contribute to the development of disease. This also encourages lambs to get up on their feet quicker and suckle.

  • Include 250 mcg/kg Vitamin B12, the essential trace mineral cobolt allows for maintenance of a healthy rumen through boosting B12 function for optimum energy metabolism. Deficiences can cause ewes to lose appetite affecting colostrum and milk quality.

  • Have NO oatfeed inclusion?


We chose Davidsons Super Ewe rolls due to the high quality ingredients, in particular the high soya content. The results were outstanding turning around what could have been a very difficult lambing into a very successful one. Five years on I wouldn’t consider feeding anything else in the run up to lambing. I can truly say every pound spent on this feed is money well spent.”

Jim Simmons, Ruthven Farm, Banffshire

My ewes have been milking extremely well since using Davidsons Super Ewe and their next day delivery service gives me a piece of mind.”

Derek Hall, Lilyburn, Penicuik

Since using Davidsons Super Ewe I have seen a noticable difference in the quantity and quality of colostrum and milk produced.”

Peter Hedley, Swinside Townfoot, Jedburgh

My ewes are milking like dairy cows after moving to Davidsons Super Ewe.”

Jack Wight, Townfoot Farm, Biggar

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