John Rogers – FAR Register Profile

September 28, 2017

1. Background And Expertise

I started with Davidsons Animal Feeds as a trainee back in 1993. Over the years I have enjoyed working alongside my farming customers in order to add value to their businesses. I have also progressed through the ranks at Davidsons and I now lead the on-farm sales team.

Becoming FAR registered in 2013 gave me external accreditation, which in turn gives greater confidence to my customers. I have also gained a Diploma in Animal Nutrition from Harper Adams University.

2. Examples Of How Johns Advice Has Made A Measurable Difference

Wester Hassockrig, farmed by Robert McCarlie and his family, is located a stone’s throw from the Davidsons Animal Feeds mill. Whilst proximity has built loyalty, the relationship between Davidsons and the McCarlies has undoubtedly been strengthened by the key advice provided by John.

The main Wester Hassockrig enterprise is a suckler herd producing calves for sale as yearling stores. Robert McCarlie’s objective is to achieve optimum weight for his calves on sale day.

All calves are weighed at weaning and then it is John Rogers task to formulate a ration which will get the calves from this starting weight to the target weight on sales day. In 2016 John achieved the target of feeding calves to gain 1.3kg per day, i.e. 200kg liveweight per head, in the 150 days from weaning until sale.

This was done by tailoring the concentrate feed to complement the Wester Hassockrig silage. Fine tuning and attention to detail by John meant that these results were achieved with less than half a ton of concentrate per head, meaning costs were contained at a respectable £0.54/hd/day or £91 per calf in total.

3. What Difference Does Far Make To You And Your Customer

FAR registration compliments the experience I have gained over the past 24 years. FAR registration gives customers the confidence to trust my advice. There are farmers out there who may previously have always shopped around and bought feed simply on price. I think FAR registration is making more of these farmers think about the added value advice that is available from advisors such as myself.

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