Levucell SC Titan – What benefits can Levucell bring to your herd?

June 23, 2020

There are many proven benefits for both beef and dairy herds, from using the live yeast strain Levucell SC:

Dairy herds:

  • Improving milk yield and efficiency

  • Preventing body condition loss

  • Increasing ruminating activity

  • Stabilising manure consistency

Beef herds:

  • Ensuring rumen development

  • Increasing growth rate

  • Improving carcass classification

The message from these benefits is that the uniqueness of the product combined with production expertise ensure enhanced feed efficiency. Studies have been undertaken to evaluate these benefits in herds across Scotland.

Firstly, recently on a commercial farm, the results were impressive, gaining weight across the board as well as fewer days on farm for the animals. Steers fed with a high starch diet and supplemented with Levucell SC resulted in:

  • Increased average daily gain (+116g/day)

  • Reduced slaughter age (-9 days)

  • Increases carcase weight (+13kg)

  • Improved growth rate (+7.7%)

Whilst on a dairy farm in southern Scotland, the results of comparing Levucell SC with other yeast products, proved worthwhile as a more efficient way of farming by improving digestion of forage and increasing both milk yield and butterfat while reducing SCC. With margins becoming even tighter for everyone, adding Levucell SC TITAN to your feed will clearly deliver a positive return on investment:

  • Increased average yield (+1.18kg)

  • Increased butterfat (+0.11)

  • Reduced SCC (-21.90)

The figures show for themselves! Get in touch with a member of our team today if you require anymore information.

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