Titan Technology – What makes it Unique?

June 24, 2020

TITAN protects the live yeast from humidity, steam, high temperature and shear force during the meal conditioning and pelleting process.

TITAN’s unique fatty acid coating works as a thermal and physical insulator and is the most adapted technology available to protect yeast viability.

During TITAN production, the yeast particles are submitted to a particular drying process to form beadlets. The dried beadlets are then coated in a batch fluid bed with a specifically formulated lipid-based solution.

TITAN is unique. It is the result of optimizing fermentation, production and drying processes. In addition, Lallemand adds a specific and patented coating technology to make this microencapsulated live yeast even more resistant.

This has been extensively proven in numerous trials, both from independent institutes and commercial feed manufacturers under various industrial feed mill conditions; in various countries; and in all feed types such as complete feed, mineral, and diets for ruminants.

TITAN’s live yeast products show a higher resistance to feed manufacturing processes and remain stable during feed storage. Under drastic pelleting conditions (e.g. at least 85°C and up to 3 months storage), TITAN shows superior stability compared to other commercially available live yeast products, as demonstrated below.

Check out Lallamands video below for more information.


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