Why Buffer Feed?

July 27, 2020

Although we are now seeing greater grass growth rates than we did during the dry conditions we had earlier in the grazing season, quantity and especially quality will decrease as the Summer progresses. We know this because grass does the same every year!

Buffer feeding is a great way of supplementing grass and maintaining the energy intake of the cow. As well as increasing milk yields and improving constituent levels it will also promote fertility, body
condition and general cow health.

Buffer feeding can see a great return on investment. All buffer meals can be tailor made to suit individual forages. If you would like a ration formulated, based around the silage you have available, please give us a call today.

Please see the table below outlining some cost involved and the benefit that can be gained:

Grass and Cake only

Grass and Cake plus Buffer

Grazed Grass





Parlour cake @ £250/t



Buffer meal @ £225/t


Expected yield (litres/cow/day)



Purchased feed cost/cow/day



Margin/cow/day @ 26ppl



Increase in margin/cow/day after extra feed is paid for.


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