Product: Elite Range
Category: Dairy
Sub Category: Parlour

A highly palatable, high energy nut with top quality starch and protein raw materials formulated for high yielding dairy cows.

  • Highly palatable ration containing quality materials designed to promote milk production, improve fertility, and maintain herd health.
  • Available in a range of proteins to compliment silages and other forages.
  • High levels of Maize providing rumen friendly bypass starch for optimum rumen absorption.
  • Enhanced levels of digestible un-degradable protein providing peak yield potential through the high inclusion of Soya and the addition of both protected Soya and Rape.
  • Contains Megalac, a high digestible rumen protected fat source with the highest net energy on the market.
  • Triple starch formulation to achieve optimum rumen balance, with Maize being the top ingredient which provides bypass starch to improve animal performance.
  • Fully mineralised compound aimed at supporting your herd with optimum health, fertility and milk production.

Additional Add Ons

Levucell SC Titan – Rumen specific live yeast  optimises rumen PH, reducing the risk of sub- acute ruminal acidosis (SARA), while increasing fibre digestion.

Performance Mineral Range – Designed to incorporate all trace elements in an organic form designed to meet dietary demands of lactating dairy cows.