Product: Performance Heifer nut
Category: Dairy
Sub Category: Rearing

Our highest specification youngstock nut that carries all the nutritional capacity to transform young calves into strong dairy heifers. To achieve age at first calving targets, it is vital that continual growth is achieved in order for these young animals to meet size and weight goals at bulling and calving to ensure the future lifetime potential of these animals.


  • Similar raw material formulation to our Performance Calf Starter pellets for a smooth transition from starter feed to heifer rearer nut. Maintaining feed intakes will avoid post weaning growth checks to allow for steady continual growth.
  • Triple starch formulation of Maize, Wheat and Barley to ensure high energy levels and startch provision for maximum growth and development.
  • 18% crude protein from quality sources.
  • Includes Levucell SC Titan, a specific strain of yeast that works to optimise rumen function for improved fibre digestion. Levucell SC Titan aids rumen health and development while improving animal performance through increased daily live weight gains from an early age.
  • Including the unique formulation of minerals – Zinpro Availa ® Zn, Availa ® Mn, Availa ® Cu, Biotin & Alkosel ®, these essential minerials will improve live weight gain, immune response, skin and claw integrity.