Product: Balancer Blend 34
Category: Beef & Sheep
Sub Category: Home Mixing

Maximise the nutritional value of home produced cereals through the addition of a protein blend to create a balanced ration for both beef and sheep


  • 34% crude protein from quality sources.
  • High inclusion of soya and rape, providing the highest levels of digestible un-degradable protein to balence your home grown barley/cereal.
  • Contains Megalac, a highly digestible rumen protected fat source with the highest net energy on the market to maximise daily live weight gains.
  • Based on cereals of 10% protein, mixing rates as follows: 6:1 13%, 5:1 14%, 4:1 15%, 3:1 16%, 2:1 18%.
  • NO Oatfeed inclusion
  • Non- mineralised