Product: Suckler Cow Rolls
Category: Beef
Sub Category: Suckler

Specially designed to meet the magnesium requirements of suckler cows at critical times of the year, especially spring turnout and Autumn to combat grass staggers


  • 16% crude protein, 12mm roll sutitable for feeding on the ground.

  • Suckler cows require 2oz (60g) of magnesium. Feed 3lb per head per day of Davidsons Suckler Cow Rolls to combat against grass staggers.

  • Added copper pack, an essential trace element required to aid healthy growth, development and prevent future fertility issues.

  • Specially designed vitamin and mineral pack included, designed to meet the suckler cows demands at critical stages.

  • Available in loose bulk (4tonne drops) or 25kg bags (minimum 1tonne order).