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Davidsons have some of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe, this is down to our commitment to continuously invest in and improve our mill. We operate a totally automated plant, using the latest equipment and control technology available in the market place. This means we are able to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and productivity in the industry. The Mill Control System handles all material movements from the intake of raw materials through to the bulk out-loading of the finished products.

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Each stage is closely monitored to ensure we have complete batch history, as well as ensuring we consistently produce a high quality product. A small highly skilled team operates our facilities, working with a sophisticated planned maintenance system to keep our efficiency at a high level. Our focus on energy efficiency helps us to reduce emissions and keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. The design and configuration of our plant allows us to produce a full range of balanced, nutritious products for ruminant livestock. These include rolls, 3mm & 6mm pellets, screened & unscreened blends, and bespoke meals.

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Mill Capacity

Within the Feed Mill we have 3 pelleting lines, a TMR meals plant, a Blend plant, a Rough Mixture plant and an automated packing and palletiser.


Pelleting Lines

The 3 pelletting lines have a combined throughput of 50 tonnes per hour of compound feed allowing us to produce in excess of 1000 tonnes per day. Pelleted forms we produce include 3mm pellets, 6mm nuts, 12mm rolls. During this process we heat all our feed to over 70oC to help form the pellet shape and sanitise the product. After pelleting ambient temperature fresh air is used to cool and harden the pellet.


TMR meals plant

This plant can produce bespoke TMR diets that are accurately produced to individual customer needs. Minerals and Vitamins, as well as fats and oils, can be added. The complete ration is ground to a consistent size and is thoroughly mixed in our batch mixer to ensure even distribution of all ingredients.


Blends Plant

We produce a number of standard general purpose blends as well as bespoke rations. Our blends can be screened or unscreened with molasses added if required.

Rough Mixture Plant

Our rough mix plant produces quality mixtures containing cooked flaked cereals for calves, pedigree bulls, and lambs, as well as ewe and tup mixture. These mixtures contain a mineral and protein pellet produced on our main lines. We combine this with an accurate addition of molasses to guarantee the nutrition of the final mix.


Packing Plant

Following an investment of £250k in 2006, the company installed an automatic palletiser. Certain rations are available in bags for both sheep and cattle. The plant can pack at a rate of 16 tonnes per hour, with bags being stacked in 1 tonne pallets.

Raw Material Storage

Davidsons have in excess of 2000 tonnes of bin storage for raw materials as well as warehouse storage on site for a further 20,000 tonnes.


Finished Product Storage

On site we have over 60 finished product bins on site ranging in size from 10 – 60 tonnes with the capacity to prepare orders due for delivery within the following two days.



All raw materials delivered to site (whole grains, by-products, vitamins and mineral powders or liquids) are processed on one of our fully automated intake points and routed to the correct storage bin/tank, eliminating any chance of raw material contamination.

Bulk Outloading

All our products are sieved immediately before loading, this minimises product degradation due to excess handling and ensures products loaded are of the best quality possible. Bulk trucks are parked on the weighbridge at either of our two loading points, and conveyers move to the correct section of the truck to make loading as efficient as possible.


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