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Come Hail, Come Shine You Can Count On Davidsons Feeds

With a dedicated fleet of 28 vehicles, which can deliver up to 1000 tonnes per day. We also collect most of our raw materials from source, this means we are in complete control to meet customer demand. Delivery throughout Scotland and the North of England we are there when you needs us. Our Blower, Tippers and Curtainsiders are able to deal with your order no matter what size.



Planning Deliveries

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We can travel up to 14,000 miles a day using 9000 litres of fuel, so planning is essential to ensure we are as efficient as possible in our deliveries. We deliver 95% of our products ourselves, with the other 5% delivered by our quality assured haulage partners. Deliveries are scheduled 24-48 hours in advance of the requested delivery date using specific instructions for each order, as well as standard delivery requirements. These include delivery time windows, and the truck size stored for each delivery point. Satellite tracking gives us updates every 10 seconds on driving times, rest periods and locations, which continuously helps us improve the way we plan our deliveries.

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Driver Standards

All our drivers have been trained in customer service, health and safety, blowing and tipping techniques, daily inspections and necessary maintenance. Every drivers daily activity is recorded on their digital tachograph, which is downloaded and analysed weekly to ensure complete compliance with EU rules. During the peak winter delivery period we have a bank of experienced and fully trained drivers, who adhere to the same high standards of our full-time drivers, to ensure a consistency of delivery standards at all time.

Fleet Standards

Every vehicle has a dedicated driver who is responsible for the cleanliness of the cab, and they take great pride in keeping the appearance of their vehicle to a high standard. To prevent contamination, every vehicle has a waterproof sheet that covers the products to be delivered. After every delivery our vehicles are washed using an authorised disinfectant. As we are covered by the AIC code of practice, our transport records and vehicles are inspected by auditors for cleanliness and maintenance. Vehicle maintenance is carried out on site by our own fully trained mechanics.

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Davidsons Feeds Makes It A Happy One

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